Yes and No

When I first started recording for EVP, I found a fair percentage of “yes” and “no” answers, and many of them seemed to originate from the same group of spirits. Frankly, I was not impressed and saw no reason to keep saving them, so I didn’t. This was before I realized that all spirit responses are equally significant and need to be viewed as an important communication with the other side. After all, it takes hundreds of bone fragments before an archeologist can assemble the skeleton of a dinosaur. Spirit communication is no less important, and sometimes every bit as tedious. and should therefore be treated as tenderly and with as much heightened significance.

One could certainly criticize the researcher for asking so many yes or no questions, but that doesn’t lessen the value of the response – only the researcher. That aside, I was fortunate to have hooked up with someone who set me straight on this issue. Not only did he insist that I reconsider the practice, he recommended I go back to my originals and find those EVP I had disposed of. I never managed to comply with that last suggestion but I definitely adhered to the first. Now, I save everything. I may not play it for others, but as long as it passes muster and remains unexplained, I hold on to it.

Sometimes the answer is less important than the question or the situation, because even the simplest response can shed an immense amount of light on a subject. Plus, since we don’t know what’s involved for a spirit to make itself heard, I think it behooves us to give every comment good and serious attention. Clearly, we’re all hoping to record those amazing phrases and sentences that reveal so much, but I have learned to see the value in the diminutive and the expeditious as well. Hopefully my knowledge and understanding will increase as a result.

Bodie Session Results

Interesting thing: two distinct kind of voices showed up during the sessions surrounding grandson Bodie. First, the majority of EVP seem to represent the same old guys who hang out at my house, which is where the sessions took place. These voices (2) sounded familiar, said familiar things, and gave the impression that they were enjoying having the child around. Bodie was quite delightful, and I think entertaining is an understatement. Based on the number of unexplained voices on the recordings, he elicited many more responses than is usual, but then there was a lot of time recorded. It was like having a complete other person in the room, and not just an occasional spirit voice interjecting from time to time.

But there was also something else typical – a female voice who seemed very loving, but only commented when there seemed to be a safety issue. “Be careful” or “take your time” and “slow down,” to mention a few. Actually, that’s close to every response – there were much fewer of these than the other whispery guys I just mentioned. Plus, this female voice was louder than the others, although she was only about a B-class every time – consistently. This voice sounds very similar and comments the same way as other voices have around other grandchildren – a strong, but sweet sounding female voice that seems protective.

It kind of amazes me that whenever I record around small children, I always come away with a strong sense that the voices I hear are overly positive and usually quite protective and parental in nature. No negativity to speak of, and none that are evident at all during these sessions.

Crank It Up

When I listen to audio, I crank it up. I play it as loud as I can stand through headphones, and if there’s room for more, I amplify through software. I realize not everyone does it this way, and I understand that to each his own. I don’t mind hearing my voice too loud if it means picking up a faint whisper easily. I use fairly expensive Bose headphones so other sounds don’t often creep in. Sometimes (rarely) I use expensive ear buds that have to be inserted.

For final analysis, I find it most effective to listen through computer software as opposed to listening through the original recording device. I believe it’s too easy to miss weaker voices otherwise, and having the ability to amplify at will is a tremendously advantageous tool. I won’t go so far as to say it is a mistake not to do this, but I do believe it is insufficient. Plus, I feel that viewing the waveform is another essential aid.

When I first started listening for EVP, I missed a lot of them. Every time I went back to listen again, I found something new, and that used to bother me a lot. I wasn’t comfortable listening, so I was always afraid that something important would go undiscovered due to my inability to hear it properly. Plus, I felt an obligation to the spirit not to waste their efforts. But over the years, I’ve found that setting a consistent and professional environment, becoming intimate with the analysis software, using the best equipment I can afford, and removing visual and audible distractions, all contribute greatly in finding most EVP the first time through analysis. This has allowed me to get pretty good at listening within the noise and confusion of dead air, so I’m confident that the way I work helps prevent missed opportunities.

I wouldn’t feel confident doing things any other way, but that’s because it’s my way. I don’t think it’s important that others do things like I do. I know what works for me, and I am convinced it will work for others, but we each have our comfort zones. In the long run, provided we’ve found a way to listen accurately, it doesn’t matter.

I Don’t Understand!

I don’t understand. It both fascinates and bugs me when people refuse to accept certain paranormal possibilities just because they don’t fit into ideas they’ve already accepted. For instance, when someone insists that an EVP occurs separately from the recording device. We don’t know that.

We don’t know if the spirit interacts directly with the device or speaks to it through frequencies we can’t hear. The voice could be created by vibrating the microphone diaphragm. It could be that the spirit directly interacts with the device on an electrical or electromagnetic level. It could broadcast and require a device to amplify the waves it creates – like a standard radio station. It just may actually speak right next to the device or project its thoughts across the room. We don’t know!

That’s the whole point right? Along with all the other things we want to learn about and from EVP, we want to find out how they do it, right? And we haven’t a clue. We can guess – we should! We definitely ought to explore any and all possibilities, but it seems that there’s often someone around who thinks they already know. We don’t! I just don’t get it.

We can deduce stuff about an individual entity, location or situation from what a spirit says. We can even be right about it, but so far, there’s nothing else we can reasonably claim. This could be an incredibly easy thing for a spirit to do, or it might all happen at the subatomic level and be incredibly difficult. It might take practice, or it might be a snap.

I don’t know. I want to hear what everyone has to say about things, but I am in a minority there. To every person who thinks they already have the answers or who can effortlessly rule out possibilities based on nothing more than personal feelings, I would just like to ask them to “stop!” We need to go back to looking under every rock – not just the pretty ones close by. Paranormal answers ain’t easy, and there are so very many rocks.

Bodie Sessions

I recorded around my grandson Bodie, for the first time yesterday. He’s such a chatterbox, I’m not sure I’ll get anything due to the all the noise he made. But it’s worth noting that everything about this felt different. I know that’s not very scientific, so I can’t wait to compare my feelings with actual results.

Sometimes, you just get a sense that some spirit(s) is there. Hard to explain, but you pick it up from the subject, I think. With grandson Kenny (18 months), he occasionally checks out the ceiling as if he’s watching something. This becomes noticeable quickly, and creates a small inkling that someone else is possibly present. Not once with Bodie. Doesn’t mean no one is there, but I wonder if it means he has reached that age where they are no longer visible, or he is no longer aware. He is 20 months old, and possibly a little bit advanced in some areas, so it would be fascinating if this were the approximate age where guardian spirits become less integral to the child’s awareness.

Reminder: I want to purchase and start using a barometer for home sessions and begin comparing weather and barometric changes with actual results as well as qualitative and quantitative characteristics of session. No idea what I hope to find, but seems worth doing to some degree. Would be most interesting if there are any predictive value gained, although thunder storm comparisons proved very inconclusive. We’ll see.

Because of this possibility, I wanted to record more than usual, so there’s a fair amount to go over. It was just the two of us throughout, recording done on iPad in Airplane mode, recorded during play (no interview at all), during late morning. It was raining and neighborhood was completely quiet with no interruptions or ambient noise incidents. All media was off, and heat did not turn on or off during sessions.

Introduction to “Voices Unplugged”

It is my intention to offer entries in this blog that are very much journal-like in nature – not to necessarily serve as tips, or with intent to provide insight. In part, this will simply be a way to record information on experiments (when I feel so inclined), short thoughts on the paranormal in general, investigation results, or different EVP techniques I feel there is value in writing down. It will also consist of notes, ideas and an occasional rant. In other words, if I feel like commenting, I will. There is no desire to be reflective, nor will there be great effort spent on the presentation.

I am hopeful others will decide to comment. Not in a critical way, but with the intent to add to my thoughts. The sharing of ideas is a very good thing in this field, and I hope to learn from others as much as I might be an aid to them. I do expect things to remain civil, but I do not expect agreement all the time – once in awhile would be nice, but let the chips fall where they may. Regardless, I will not censor anyone’s comments unless they are hateful in nature, prejudiced toward others, or obscene (by my definition).

Please participate! And I hope there is some value to be found here for anyone who reads or comments. Peace.