Introduction to “Voices Unplugged”

It is my intention to offer entries in this blog that are very much journal-like in nature – not to necessarily serve as tips, or with intent to provide insight. In part, this will simply be a way to record information on experiments (when I feel so inclined), short thoughts on the paranormal in general, investigation results, or different EVP techniques I feel there is value in writing down. It will also consist of notes, ideas and an occasional rant. In other words, if I feel like commenting, I will. There is no desire to be reflective, nor will there be great effort spent on the presentation.

I am hopeful others will decide to comment. Not in a critical way, but with the intent to add to my thoughts. The sharing of ideas is a very good thing in this field, and I hope to learn from others as much as I might be an aid to them. I do expect things to remain civil, but I do not expect agreement all the time – once in awhile would be nice, but let the chips fall where they may. Regardless, I will not censor anyone’s comments unless they are hateful in nature, prejudiced toward others, or obscene (by my definition).

Please participate! And I hope there is some value to be found here for anyone who reads or comments. Peace.

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