Bodie Session Results

Interesting thing: two distinct kind of voices showed up during the sessions surrounding grandson Bodie. First, the majority of EVP seem to represent the same old guys who hang out at my house, which is where the sessions took place. These voices (2) sounded familiar, said familiar things, and gave the impression that they were enjoying having the child around. Bodie was quite delightful, and I think entertaining is an understatement. Based on the number of unexplained voices on the recordings, he elicited many more responses than is usual, but then there was a lot of time recorded. It was like having a complete other person in the room, and not just an occasional spirit voice interjecting from time to time.

But there was also something else typical – a female voice who seemed very loving, but only commented when there seemed to be a safety issue. “Be careful” or “take your time” and “slow down,” to mention a few. Actually, that’s close to every response – there were much fewer of these than the other whispery guys I just mentioned. Plus, this female voice was louder than the others, although she was only about a B-class every time – consistently. This voice sounds very similar and comments the same way as other voices have around other grandchildren – a strong, but sweet sounding female voice that seems protective.

It kind of amazes me that whenever I record around small children, I always come away with a strong sense that the voices I hear are overly positive and usually quite protective and parental in nature. No negativity to speak of, and none that are evident at all during these sessions.

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