Spur of the Moment

I tend to have a couple of very specific EVP projects running all the time. Currently? EVP and EMF, EVP and vibration, bilocation, EVP and sleep – these four come to mind, but there are others not so easily characterized, that focus on the emotional state of the interviewer, the frequency of response compared to weather conditions, etc. I’m not lazy, and frankly, I love this work!

But my favorite things (other than to record during an investigation), are those spur of the moment sessions. When there’s no reason to have an EVP session; no indicators of current activity; no specific axes to grind, but on goes the recorder just the same. If you’re not familiar with this practice, let me highly recommend it. Don’t make any plans – just do it. Who cares if you’re in that godawful part of the basement or the bright and sunny, brand new solarium (lucky you). If I was a spirit, I think I might find that basement creepy too! Why do so-called ghosts have to like weird, dirty, eerie places? Maybe if you record by the daffodils at noon, you’ll find you’re not alone in your appreciation of the local flora.

How about recording while you’re alone in the waiting room? You never know. Or in grandma’s parlor while you’re waiting for her to get ready. Or after a shower, in the library reading room, in the car at 4:00 am, or anywhere else you can think of. The point is, you might learn something. You might gain an appreciation for all you actually have in common with the deceased. After all, don’t most of us believe they’re the spiritual expression of ourselves? And there’s the added bonus that familiarity lessens your fear factor, if you still have one.

I’ve always believed that if you look, you will find; if you record, “they will come.” I want to hear from the spirits who share my life a lot more than the ones who sneak into the darkest corner of my garage. Besides, productive investigations don’t happen all that often, so we should stay primed and ready. Practice is always a good thing, and you never know who you might meet along the way. Don’t think about it so much, and have some fun!

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