Settling In

Often, after setting up the equipment, we vacate the building and let it rest. There’s an obvious and necessary flutter of activity getting everything in place for a good investigation, but letting the location settle for awhile might be the best tactic of the day. It makes perfect sense too – offers a resident spirit (or more) the chance to feel at peace again. Investigations are almost always tranquil endeavors; not usually loud or active – a striking contrast to the set-up. A few minutes of silence and a return to the status quo is a reasonable segway to the actual investigation.

Over the years, this methodology has provided us with some compelling footage. On one occasion, we observed video of an apparition moving freely throughout one of the rooms, while we cooled our heels outside. It was the only verifiable video evidence we were ever blessed to gather during seven visits. Video evidence can be more acceptable when there’s no danger of investigator contamination – audio, as well, so if everyone on the team is locked outside, whatever is recorded leaps on the credibility scale.

Personally, I’ve always felt that these moments of peace give spirits a time to accept our presence; to begin viewing us as an inevitability. We’ve left our calling card of cameras, recorders, and meters, and when we finally return in person, they’ve had time to acclimate and consider the level to which they intend to cooperate. We give them time to adjust, and maybe even to explore the devices we’ve left.

Perhaps most importantly, the results seem to indicate that this tact is productive. Statistically, we’ve recorded more EVP throughout the night, and captured more video evidence when we’ve allowed the location this time to settle and prepare.

There are all kinds of ways to conduct a successful investigation, and the ambience of the location itself is a huge contributing factor, but I think it’s always a good idea to pause, take this metaphorical deep breath, and let the spiritual inhabitants do the same. Since most investigations are less than fruitful, we need all the help we can get, and by allowing the location to rest, the idea of “us” settles in as well.
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7 responses to “Settling In

  1. I don’t remember where I first heard about a rest period (maybe it was you?) but we had one at our abandoned farmhouse investigation. I forgot about it for our last one. Oops.

  2. Well, I did write about it in There Is No Silence. 🙂
    I have a feeling a lot of people do it though. I think it also allows investigators to settle down too. You know, provides some time to “center” oneself. I just like it.

      • Not too good right now! Time is my problem. If I can get on a schedule, I can knock it out because I’ve already outlined it, but that schedule thing interferes with the people in my life. They don’t understand that you hafta be disciplined to write. Oh! Not annoying.

  3. I’ve caught EVP, especially after a spirit box gets shut off. The spirit will say, “My head is freaking out.” and “They finally turned it off.” Honest words from the spirit world.
    As one of three psychic/mediums in my group, I feel the tension in the air, and get great audio during set up. It won’t pick up again for close to thirty minutes because of that resting or recharging period.

    • Iinteresting. I’ve found my EVP come in a flurry of responses almost right away after I’ve let things calm down a bit. Of course, never say never, and each investigation is different. I do agree that set up time is also often a good time to record, and I actually do, but I don’t interview or interact with them during that time. I’ve also found better results during multiple, shorter investigations than in a single very long one. Guess there are just differences in everyone’s experiences. But that’s good!

      • Right, I don’t ask questions during set up. It’s often just us talking, and the spirits being the proverbial peanut gallery. Which is good. I learn the most from their contributions to personal conversations that from direct questions some times.
        When it’s multiple psychics/mediums in a room, we find the spirits do round robin contact with all of us. They don’t seem to tire out as fast, and neither do we. We ask questions as images come to us.
        Spirits do get tired, and it seems they prefer energy from the living than from devices.

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